turn waste
into valuable
Scaled Unit

About PulverDryer

We are a world-class designer and manufacturer of advanced technology for pulverization and drying systems that utilize the unique patented features of the PulverDryer system to reduce costs and improve plant throughput and yields. The PulverDryer unit is designed to turn waste materials and industrial materials into valuable commodities as well as improve mineral processing.

We help our customers implement new and more efficient processing systems that increase profits, reduces waste disposal costs, and improve environmental performance and compliance. We turn waste products into fuel to solve energy shortage problems and clean up environmental problem areas.

We have a reputation for providing quality and value through superior technical solutions, customer support, and employee integrity, dedication, and professionalism.
We have an innovative culture throughout the company, maintaining high visibility in the marketplace through mobile demonstration units traveling to targeted markets and customers to demonstrate our technologies to the users.

We are committed to creating and maintaining continued growth and profitability for our shareholders and customers.

We are committed to our employees' financial and professional growth and to providing a creative and safe place to work. We are committed to full compliance with all national and international legal and safety requirements.

Our production facilities are located in Springfield, Michigan. We welcome your inquiries on how the PulverDryer System ™ can improve your productivity and profits.